JUNO | An Online Platform

The Case

Cellular Design

Visual Design

This project was an assignment from school in which we were placed into multidisciplinary teams. I was responsible for the visual design. We had to design a platform that would facilitate the connection between students and companies so it would be more easy to find interns for companies and vice versa.

The Brief

The case was more complex than we initially thought. The client, the HU, wanted to create a platform for their students so they could find and be found by companies. The complex aspect came in the fact that there were 3 stakeholders who sometimes desired conflicting things. For example the students and the businesses wanted to be able to have a direct connection without a middle man, but the teachers wanted to be in the process too because they wanted to make sure the students got the right kinds of internships. This made the initial concept phase drag out for multiple weeks until we got things right.

The Process

The process itself was rather simple. I was in a team with 3 other designers and I had the role of visual designer. We all worked on the concept and I visualised the style and the screens. The HU always had a bit of a sad visual identity so I wanted to stray away from that. So even though it’s a HU platform I choose to show the HU in the most minimal way possible. This was well received by the client.


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