Mirage | Fictional logo design

The Case

Cellular Design

Logo Design

This project is one out of a few designs made for a videogame. Somebody who was making a videogame as their hobby asked me to design a logo for a local in-game store called “Mirage”. This store mostly sells clothing, armor and accessories. The twist about this store is the fact that the owner thinks it’s a posh fashion store. But in actuality they sell mostly junk. The concept was a logo that communicated the pride of the store owner and the fact that the store is quite posh.

The Brief

Name: 'Mirage'
Sells: Accessoires & Armour
Colour Scheme: Red & Gold

- Designed to be very vibrant. The owner sees it as a high-end fashion shop, but it needs to come off as over-the-top and tacky.

- The indoors will have a red carpet running along the middle, with some golden decorations.

- The shop won't be massive, it'll be placed between two other buildings, so don't think of a gigantic building.

- The name 'Mirage' fits the idea of it being more for show - not that the owner realises this, to them it just sounds like a fashionable name.

- To fit the "they think it's high-end but it's actually garish/tacky" theme you'll need to go somewhat over-the-top, just make sure you don't go overboard either.

The Process

One of the most important bullet points was the fact that the store was split down the middle by a red carpet. In the early stages of the design process I wanted to incorporate this.

However this turned out to be more difficult than I expected. Therefore I wanted to explore an Arabian theme (Mirage as in an oasis). Eventually the client liked the final logo on the second page the most.

I wasn’t that that happy with the result so I decided to carry on with the design. Eventually I reached a logo that I was more proud of and I am happy that I did this.


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