Nike Team – Kit Creator

The Case

Cellular Design

UX Design

This project was the final subject of my User Experience specialisation. During this subject we had to run a case for a real company. We chose The Valley as our company. They had a case for Nike Team to create a digital version of their offline catalogue.

The Brief

Make a digital translation of the Nike Team catalogue for desktop in which the following features take center stage:

- The ability to create outfits.

- To compare different outfits.

- Share outfits with friends.

- Place an order with a local retailer.

- Make sure the application doesn’t become a webshop. The orders are going through an offline retailer.

The Process

During this project I worked closely with two other students. We began our process by doing a brainstorm and then we made individual concept sketches. After that we got together to combine our ideas into a single concept. During the entire process we had frequent contact with The Valley where we received a lot of helpful feedback which we incorporated into our design. Because we can’t all work on one pc and everybody has their own way of organising their work we made sure to divide tasks properly. That’s why I was mostly responsible for the rationale of the design. I tried to be vigilant of this during the process. The prototype is accessible below. The documentation is also available in Dutch. This document contains the rationale within.


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