Stockpile | Fictional Logo Design

The Case

Cellular Design

Logo Design

A friend of mine was making a videogame and asked me to create some logos for him. This logo is one of those. The logo is made for an all-purpose general store. It should convey a sense of cleanliness and professionality.

The Brief

Name: 'Stockpile'
Sells: General / Supermarket
Colour Scheme: White & Green

- Clean looking style, the shop will be a little more open plan with large various entrances.

- Like Mirage, the shop won't be massive, it'll be placed between two other buildings, so don't think of a gigantic building.

- Unlike Mirage this'll be much more standard, no wacky gimmicks here.

- Think of a clean, smooth sort of design.

The Process

In contrast to most of the logos for this project, Stockpile would have to look rather generic. More akin to a real life company trying to come across as professional.

I settled on three rather different styles but I knew the typeface was going to be the same in all designs.

In the end the client and I settled for the simplest logo, conveying an actual stockpile.


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