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Cellular Design

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Cellular Design


Cellular Design

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Cellular Design

UX Design

This project was an assignment for school for my Visual Design specialisation. We had to design a Slow Food application and build a prototype of it. For this assignment I choose a chocolate centered theme.

The Brief

The assignment was clear; design a Slow Food app. You were free to choose the concept and the topic. The criteria were as follows:

- Have an unique element in your concept.

- Design a logo & branding for the app.

- Make a styleguide.

- Maak a prototype of the app.

The Process

During the concept phase of this assignment I was struggling with finding a theme to work with. I had loads of ideas and themes which I wanted to explore but ultimately settled on the chocolate theme since it hadn’t been done before in class.

When I had to think of a gimmick to make my application unique I had some struggles as well. Eventually I choose a gimmick centered around obedience. The idea was like this: You choose what you want to eat and the App tells you when to eat it. This resulted in a resistance score coupled with each recipe to show what percentage of people were successful in resisting the urge to eat their food.


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