her Absent Reflection | Video Game Logo

The Case

Cellular Design

Logo Design

This logo was made for a role playing game that was made by a friend of mine. The concept for the logo was ‘mirrors’. By iterating on the concept we reached a different end result.

The Brief

Name: ‘her Absent Reflection’
Theme: Mirrors
Logo design: Preferably textual

Mirrors are a key gameplay mechanic. It serves as a location to save your game as well as a way to reflect on key events in the game. They serve a key role in the story and could use a place within the logo. It’s not required however if it doesn’t work out the way we want.

The Process

Originally this logo would have a mirror element. This was because of the title of the video game. In practice this was hard to pull of in an elegant manner. Because of this we decided to step away from the mirror theme. At this point I started looking at similar video games that shared the same theme. I took inspiration from the Final Fantasy series and went for a more “elegant” theme. Eventually we figured out that a thick stroke had a positive effect on the logo and it became the result you can find on this page.


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