Mechanical Heart | Game Company Logo

The Case

Cellular Design

Logo Design

This logo was designed for a small videogame company called Mechanical Heart. Initially the idea was to go for a relatively detailed logo. However this proved to be too detailed. After some iterations we got to a minimalist rendition of the logo.

The Brief

The biggest requirement for this logo was for it to combine gears and the shape of a heart. Aside from that there was a desire for the logo to combine typographic and pictorial styles.

The Process

This logo benefited a lot from experimentation. Originally this logo was going to look a lot more detailed. This didn’t look very good however. Over time the logo got simplified further and further. Eventually it got decided that the initials MH could work well as the outline of the heart. After that it was a matter of getting the gears to work just right and picking a working color scheme. I decided to use a warm color combination of red and dark purple to form a gradient. My aim was for the logo to work well on both a dark and light background since it had to be applicable in many different circumstances. For the typeface I picked a fairly standard sans serif. For the design I also created a styleguide.


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