The Emoticon | Fictional Logo

The Case

Cellular Design

Logo Design

This project is one out of a few designs made for a videogame. Somebody who was making a videogame as their hobby asked me to design a logo for a local in-game cafe called “The Emoticon”. The logo is made for a café whose mission is to bring a smile to everybody’s face that visits there.

The Brief

Name: 'The Emoticon'
Slogan: Service for a smile
Sells: Drinks, snacks and ice cream.
Colour Scheme: White & Orange

- The cafe is designed around a clean cheesy pleasant atmosphere.

- Try and include a smiley into the branding if possible.

- Slogan doesn't have to be used in the branding.

The Process

Because of the interesting premise of this fictitious company I wanted to create a more wacky logo initially. I noticed quickly however that this was rather difficult. I did know however that I had to head into the direction of Coffee or Smileys. One of my sketches used a coffee stain. The visual style of this appealed to the client so I went on with that design direction. Eventually I made a logo that used the heat of the coffee to convey the warm atmosphere of the cafe. I also created a second logo that was to be used as a badge on the outfits of the workers.


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