VVD | Campaign Animations

The Case

Cellular Design

Visual Design

Cellular Design

Video Production

This project is an ongoing process in which I work for the VVD, the largest political party in the Netherlands. During this process I create animations for local VVD factions so they can communicate their message in a visual manner. In this post you can find a small selection of over 25 animations I have made for several local factions.

The Brief

The briefing is different per faction because each faction has different wishes and themes that are relevant to them. The visual direction is open ended, however I try to keep the same kind of visual style across all the animations to keep them consistent with one another. The length is variable and is determined by the faction depending on the density of information they wish to communicate.

The Process

By now I’ve created a standard workflow for the VVD animations. Meute, a partner business, reaches out to me whenever a faction wishes to have an animation made. Next, Meute and the faction create a script to base the animation on. Then I create a concept draft using stills to communicate my idea of how the animation could be visualised. Meute then gives feedback on this which I use when creating the real animation. After the animation is finished there’s a few back and forwards in which both Meute and the faction get to give feedback. Once everything is finished I deliver the video files.


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