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The Case

Cellular Design


During my second year of my communication and multimedia design study the founders of X=Festival asked whether I wanted to be part of the organisation for the second edition of the Festival. The X=Festival is a get-together for people in the creative industry organised by students of the CMD study. I was active in the organization of the 2016 edition from start to finish and responsible for the website. This website is unique in that it was made using only HTML and CSS and no wordpress.

The Brief

Since this was a project run by the students there wasn’t really a brief to speak of. The biggest thing there was to it was evolving the style of the prior year’s festival to make it look like a worthy second edition. I wasn’t involved with this since I was mostly involved with the website itself.

The Process

The concept for that year’s festival was: X = Progress / X = Process. With this concept we wanted to address the creative workflow, it’s ups and downs. In the first phase of the organisation we wanted to ask people what they would want to see at the festival that year. For this I built a site together with three other people to gather comments from people. After this we started building the actual festival site which would be used to show the people that would be lecturing, workshops that would be given and things like location and timetables. We had a bunch of teams working together during this process. I was part of team website and worked closely together with team styleguide and team visual to create the wireframes for the website. After that it was up to me and my team to build the site from scratch. Sadly my entire team gave up at this point and wasn’t able to work on the site, leaving me to build this site by myself.


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